Pre-Pilot Knowledge Test

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In order to act as a pilot in command of a high-performance airplane, the pilot must
To act as pilot in command of an aircraft carrying passengers the pilot must have made at least three takeoffs and landings in an aircraft of the same category class and type rating are required of the same type within the preceding
Except when necessary for takeoff or landing, what is the minimum safe altitude for a pilot to operate an aircraft anywhere?
If an in-flight emergency requires immediate action the pilot in command may
The final authority as to the operation of an aircraft is
What is the purpose of the rudder on an airplane?
One of the main functions of flaps during an approach and landing is to
In addition to a valid airworthiness certificate what documents or records must be aboard an aircraft during flight?
When are non-rechargeable batteries of an emergency locator transmitter required to be replaced?
During the preflight inspection who is responsible for determining the aircraft is safe for flight?
What should an owner or operator know about airworthiness directives?
How can you visually determine if another aircraft is on a collision course with your aircraft?
The numbers 8 and 26 on the approach ends of the runway indicate that the runway is oriented approximately
Who should not participate in the land and hold short operations program?
During operations within controlled airspace at an altitude of more than 1200 feet, AGL but less than 10,000 feet MSL the minimum distance above the clouds requirement for VFR flight is
In which type of airspace are VFR flights prohibited?
The correct method of stating 10,500 feet MSL to ATC is
During the lifecycle of a thunderstorm which stage is characterized predominately by downdrafts?
The PITOT system provides impacts pressure for which instrument?
After takeoff which airspeed would the pilot use to gain the most altitude in a given period of time?
If an aircraft is loaded 90 pounds over maximum certificated gross weight, and fuel is drained to bring the aircraft weight within limits how much fuel should be drained?
How far will an aircraft travel in 2 1/2 minutes with a ground speed of 98 knots?
A state of temporary confusion resulting from miss leading information being sent to the brain by various sensory organs are defined as
What is hypoxia?
Susceptibility to carbon monoxide poisoning increases as